I’ve gotten so much better at music it is ridiculous and I actually have a method of subduing my anxiety now. Wish I had taken things this seriously before my health went to shit. 

I really underestimate the extent of what I have to do to make any of this happen. 

Where do I go from here?
All these signs that point me to places I never imagined.
With every step I take, I fall farther from the start, 
Creating a floor for my faults. 

I find a door for my thoughts, the ground surrounding me
I find a door for my thoughts, my mind displacing me. 
I sleep. I’m spinning. 
My mind displaced, awake, awaken me. 

(Daniel Ädel)
All directions lost, i’m turning my views inside out. 
As I watch the seasons pass, 
I know for certain that i’m still here. 
Still I fear to face these flaws, 
Because they are inside my walls. 
It was hard enough to ask for help, 
Now take your time and answer me. 

Gripping my sheets, I wander aimlessly around my desperation.
An able body, handicapped by sleep. 

I am without help. 
My abled body is nothing more than an empty vessel. 
I’m left with my mind, as my hope of salvation. 

This plagues me every time I close my eyes, 
I feel this longing ache for safety. 

Annnnnd i’m still trying to learn “Thought.” 

I would think having twelve hour days would make me exhausted but with that plus piano and guitar lessons it’s really only gotten harder to sleep. I just hope i’m actually making progress. 

Anonymous said: Hey so I noticed you haven't been feeling good lately... Just wanted to say that even though I don't know you, I hope things improve and I know you can find a way through everything that's getting you down.

Thank you!

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Starting to notice myself doing things again as if I unconsciously want to be miserable. Well, further. I only have so many ideas to get me through the week. And they get my hopes up, but reality is is much more efficient at making things happen, at my expense. At this point I’m just hurting myself again. Two to go, and then I have three days off. I should go somewhere or my stomach is probably going to start killing itself again. I have a lot of thinking to do, but I know where that leads.

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LH-95, a star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud.llh

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Existing is killing me right now. 


Appreciation for Houndoom cause theyre like demon dobermans and honestly i like that very much

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